Public Performances

At :DANISH+ 2016 we decided that some of our wonderful, unique and challenging performances should be open for the public to enjoy as well.

We were happy to learn there was a great interest in the festival – not only from an international audience of professionals – the locals also greeted the festival with open arms and all 500 free tickets for our performances were sold out!


Romeo & Juliet
by MishMash International Theatre Company
From 11 years

Romeo & Juliet - MishMash International Theatre Company

Enjoy this very unique interpretation of William Shakespeare’s classic Romeo & Juliet and re-understand the profundity, through the diversity of actor’s skills, which oscillates from corporal mime to acrobatics, from tragic chorus to clown.

The timing, rhythm and tempo are musical and carefully balanced, the narrative expresses sadness as well as hatred and joy – it is simply well done. (..) I was surrounded by jubilant teenagers when the show was over”
★★★★★ Teateravisen


Psycho – Street Cut
by Dansk Rakkerpak
From 9 years

Psycho - Street Cut - Dansk Rakkerpak

Dansk Rakkerpak pays homage to the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, with a remake of his undisputed masterwork “Psycho” from 1960. All, of course, in authentic, non-verbal, Rakkerpak-style with dollops of hilarious slapstick, precise timing, physical humor and musicality – and, of course, with an unsurpassable slow-motion finale.

“An hour long, original and highly successful street theatre drama, almost wordless, but full of genuine laughs and tingling thrills”
★★★★★ Jyllandsposten


by Asterions Hus
Outside venue: Musikhusparken
From 9 years

Romeo&juliet! Asterions Hus

24 scenes, 24 lifegrips, 24 detours and 24 celebrations of love’s many faces and endings.

In the hands of Asterions Hus the fantastic text of Shakespeare and the greatest love story ever told unfolds into worms dancing, sumowrestlers in love and ballet in wheelbarrows. There has never been so much life in playing dead!

”The setup is a concentrate of the unconditional and wonderful first love, unfolding with an expressive power, cash comedy and deeply touching romance”
★★★★★ Teateravisen


by Teater Patrasket
From 10 – 14 years

Smash - Teater Patrasket. Photo by: Søren Meisner

Thomas is playing tennis round the clock. He is talented and wants to be the best, just like Björn Borg. One day Frederik comes along and Thomas teaches him to play, just for fun. But then Frederik begins to show talent, he proves to be a little better than Thomas had intended…

A profound performance conceptualizing the painful dilemma between friendship and competition – created on the basis of the performers’ own experiences as young boys with the noble white sport, at the time when Björn Borg and McEnroe was at the peak of their careers.

“..a real fine performance, cleverly done tennis wise and the acting is top notch. A blessing to see two actors, who are not afraid of the pause, of letting thoughts develop and let the situation determine gesture, facial expressions and lines”
★★★★ Teateravisen