About :danish+

:DANISH+ is an international showcase that takes place in the lovely city of Aarhus, Denmark every other year.

The showcase is a unique opportunity for theatre representatives and presenters from around the world to see and experience some of the very best of Danish performing arts for children and young people.

With a few exceptions – dance and nonverbal – all performances will be in English, and the performances are regarded as equally compelling for adults and children/young people.

The next edition of :DANISH+ will take place May 2020 – we hope to see you there!


The process of selecting the presented work is based on one sole parameter: quality.

Along with quality, Danish performing arts for children and young people is widely acclaimed for creating and conceptualizing the genre and its productions from an uncompromising and genuine artistic concern. Danish productions also aim for intense and intimate dialogue on several levels between stage and audience – the latter often with a size of less than 100 spectators.



“It is a very focused opportunity to see Danish work for young audiences as compared to much (..) larger annual festivals” 
Jeremy “Boomer” Stacey, Executive Director at International Performing Arts


“I was just overwhelmed by how quite brilliant the choices were and how impressive the Danish work continues to be, I mean everybody acknowledges it – the best in the world”

“There were wonderful networking opportunities with the rest of my colleagues from around the world and that is really important”
Catherine O’Grady, Artistic Director at Ottawa International Children’s Festival, Canada


“Denmark seems to punch above their weight in terms of theatre for children.. They seem to have more provision for the children.. The quality of the work is just really powerful and strong”

“It’s perfect for informal networking”  
Maria Fleming, Theatre Programmer at The Ark, Ireland


“Especially the artistic work is of such high quality.. also there’s a lot of respect for the children audience and focus on the artistic development in children. I think Danish theatre is very advanced in this field.. It’s real art for children”
Helga Arnalds, Artistic Director & Visual Designer at 10 Fingers – Visual Theatre, Iceland


“In the beginning I thought it was just theatre. But that was only in the beginning”
Christian, 7 years old, Denmark


The showcase is initiated and organized by Teatret Gruppe 38 and supported by the Danish Arts Council and the Municipality of Aarhus.

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