The seminar has been postponed until the Fall - the exact date is still to be confirmed. The seminar will be possible to attend online for free. 


Join us for an inspiring seminar on diversity and audience engagement within performing arts for children and youth!


In the Fall DANISH+ will be hosting a one-day seminar on audience engagement & diversity. The seminar is first and foremost aimed to the Danish performing arts industry but will surely be inspiring to everyone working in the industry. 



Manchester is with its multicultural population way ahead, when it comes to working with a diversity within the performing arts and culture in general.

Therefore, we have invited some of the leading actors from Manchester within this field to give an inspirational talk on their work with audience engagement, including how to involve and engage a far-reaching diverse audience. The seminar will have a specific focus on children and youth - a group who in large terms does not control their cultural habits themselves.

The ambition is to gather inspiration and knowledge – that will inspire a new generation of children and youth theatre, that extends beyond average marketing initiatives.  

The international key note speakers from Manchester will be announced soon!  




The seminar is a full-day course taking place in Aarhus, but will also be possible to attend online. 

Besides international key note speakers, the programme will also include relevant cases and professionals that works with a creative perspective of engagement and diversity in Aarhus. The seminar will also take full advantage of the international meeting with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experience between all participators. 

Online registration for the seminar is free.

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The seminar is organized by DANISHand APPLAUS in cooperation with the international keynote speakers. The seminar is supported by the City of Aarhus & The Danish Arts Foundation.

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